Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Week 11 results

Good evening everybody. Hope this weeks results finds everybody well! I believe that our winner this week Patti is relaxing somewhere warm and tropical for a couple of weeks and possibly won't learn of her win until she returns. She had 12 wins and only 3 losses in Sunday's games. Jack is still holding onto his lead for most points for the year with Patti still just two points behind. With only 6 weeks left in the regular season nows the time to get serious.
Onto week 12. Thursday night game again this week, so don't forget to get those picks in by an hour before kick off! Have a good week and good luck!

Thursday, Nov. 20
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh8:15 pm

Sunday, Nov. 23
Tampa Bay at Detroit1:00 pm
Philadelphia at Baltimore1:00 pm
Houston at Cleveland1:00 pm
San Francisco at Dallas1:00 pm
N.Y. Jets at Tennessee1:00 pm
Minnesota at Jacksonville1:00 pm
Buffalo at Kansas City 1:00 pm
New England at Miami1:00 pm
Chicago at St. Louis1:00 pm
Oakland at Denver4:05 pm
Carolina at Atlanta4:15 pm
Washington at Seattle4:15 pm
N.Y. Giants at Arizona4:15 pm
Indianapolis at San Diego8:15 pm

Monday, Nov. 24

Green Bay at New Orleans

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