Monday, December 29, 2008

Week 17 and End of the Year results

Well, here it is folks, the culmination of 17 weeks worth of wins and losses, shattered dreams and playoff hopes. We had an eight way tie going into last nights late game for the win. Jack, Jimmy T, Mikey G, Chris D, Janni, Tom, Bob and Dave C all had 11 wins and only 4 losses. Everybody picked San Diego to win and remarkably predicted it was going to be a high scoring game because Dave C and Chris D shared the win with 60points. Congratulations guys!

Jack managed to retain his lead into last nights game and won the year with just one point over Mikey G. and Tom...better luck next year guys!
So that's it....Time to sell super bowl squares.
Sadly we won't be watching the Pats play any more this year. :-(
Lets hope marriage does good things for Tom's Brady's game!

Those of you with winnings coming let me know if you want squares and I'll deduct it from your win, otherwise I'll send out checks this week. Thanks for playing everyone, it was a great, fun year. Hope you'll all be back to play again in September!
Happy New Year!

~Lisa & Mikey~

P.S. If anybody thinks that a mistake was made with their scores or the tally sheet please bring it to our attention ASAP.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Week 16 Results

We had a four way tie going into last nights game. Mikey G. and Jim Traft picked Chicago to win, Paul and Carl both picked Green Bay. Chicago won so it came down to points and Jim won!
Congratulations Jim! Jack still holds the lead for points for the year, with Mikey G, Patti, and Tom just one point behind! Onto the last week of the regular season. All Sunday games, so make sure you get those picks in by noon on Sunday! Have a great week, and a wonderful and safe Holiday! Good Luck!
Sunday, Dec. 28
St. Louis at Atlanta1:00 pm
Jacksonville at Baltimore1:00 pm
Oakland at Tampa Bay1:00 pm
Cleveland at Pittsburgh1:00 pm
New England at Buffalo1:00 pm
Kansas City at Cincinnati1:00 pm
Detroit at Green Bay1:00 pm
Chicago at Houston1:00 pm
Tennessee at Indianapolis1:00 pm
N.Y. Giants at Minnesota1:00 pm
Carolina at New Orleans1:00 pm
Miami at N.Y. Jets1:00 pm
Dallas at Philadelphia1:00 pm
Seattle at Arizona4:15 pm
Denver at San Diego4:15 pm
Washington at San Francisco 4:15pm

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Week 15 results

I was doing so good this morning. 7:30am I had the football picks tallied...then Dan got up and I forgot what I was it's 2pm...anyway, same results. Bruce won this week with 13 wins and only 3 losses, which was pretty hard to do this week with so many upsets in Sunday's late games. Jack is still in the lead for points for the year, with his nearest rivals Mike L, Patti and Tom only two points back. With only two weeks left in the season there's still a little time. Onto week 16. Here is the schedule. Thursday and Saturday night games this week. Please make sure to get the picks in for those games no later then an hour before kick off! Have a good week everybody and good luck!

Thursday, Dec. 18
Indianapolis at Jacksonville8:15 pm

Saturday, Dec. 20
Baltimore at Dallas8:15 pm

Sunday, Dec. 21
Miami at Kansas City1:00 pm
New Orleans at Detroit1:00 pm
Cincinnati at Cleveland 1:00 pm
San Diego at Tampa Bay1:00 pm
Pittsburgh at Tennessee1:00 pm
San Francisco at St. Louis1:00 pm
Arizona at New England1:00 pm
Buffalo at Denver4:05 pm
N.Y. Jets at Seattle4:05 pm
Houston at Oakland4:05 pm
Philadelphia at Washington4:15 pm
Atlanta at Minnesota4:15 pm
Carolina at N.Y. Giants8:15 pm

Monday, Dec. 22
Green Bay at Chicago8:30 pm

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Week 14 results

Week 14, here it is folks, sorry it's a day late...just couldn't get motivated yesterday! Dave C. won with week with 12 wins and only 3 losses in Sundays games. Mike L and Tom are only one point behind Jack in points for the year, with only three weeks to go there is still time to catch up. Here is the schedule for week 15. There is a Thursday night game, please make sure to get those picks in no later then an hour before kick off. Hope you all have a good week and good luck!

Thursday, Dec. 11
New Orleans at Chicago 8:15 pm

Sunday, Dec. 14
Tampa Bay at Atlanta 1:00 pm
Seattle at St. Louis 1:00 pm
Buffalo at N.Y. Jets 1:00 pm
San Francisco at Miami 1:00 pm
San Diego at Kansas City 1:00 pm
Green Bay at Jacksonville 1:00 pm
Washington at Cincinnati 1:00 pm
Tennessee at Houston 1:00 pm
Detroit at Indianapolis 1:00 pm
Minnesota at Arizona 4:05 pm
New England at Oakland 4:15 pm
Denver at Carolina 4:15 pm
Pittsburgh at Baltimore 4:15 pm
N.Y. Giants at Dallas 8:15

Monday, Dec. 15
Cleveland at Philadelphia 8:30

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Week 13 resluts

Ok guys here it is....week 13 results. Chris Davis won this week with 12 wins and only 4 losses! Great job Chris! Hope your enjoying your vacation, you two certainly are racking them up while your gone! Jack still holds the lead for the year with Mike L and Tom just two points behind!
Onto week 14. Here is the schedule. Don't forget to get your picks in for Thursday's game at least an hour before kick off! Have a great week and good luck!

Thursday, Dec. 04
Oakland at San Diego8:15 pm

Sunday, Dec. 07
Washington at Baltimore8:15 pm
Cleveland at Tennessee1:00 pm
Philadelphia at N.Y. Giants1:00 pm
Atlanta at New Orleans1:00 pm
Cincinnati at Indianapolis1:00 pm
Houston at Green Bay1:00 pm
Minnesota at Detroit1:00 pm
Jacksonville at Chicago1:00 pm
N.Y. Jets at San Francisco4:05 pm
Kansas City at Denver4:05 pm
Miami at Buffalo4:05 pm
Dallas at Pittsburgh4:15 pm
St. Louis at Arizona4:15 pm
New England at Seattle4:05 pm

Monday, Dec. 08
Tampa Bay at Carolina 8:30 pm

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Week 12 results

Early Tuesday morning folks and I'm on the ball. Even had most of the football paperwork done yesterday. We had a 4 way tie going into last nights game between Dave C., Bob, Ben and Jimmy T. Everybody took Green Bay to win so it came down to points and Jimmy was the closest! Congratulations Jimmy! Jack still holds the lead for points for the year over Mikey G, Mike L and Patti who are all just 3 points behind. It's coming down to the wire with just 5 weeks to go in the regular season. Here is the schedule. Don't forget to get your Turkey day picks in an hour before kick off of the early game! Happy Thanksgiving everybody and good luck!

Thursday, Nov. 27
Tennessee at Detroit12:30 pm
Seattle at Dallas4:15 pm
Arizona at Philadelphia8:15 pm

Sunday, Nov. 30
Carolina at Green Bay1:00 pm
Indianapolis at Cleveland1:00 pm
Baltimore at Cincinnati1:00 pm
San Francisco at Buffalo1:00 pm
Denver at N.Y. Jets4:15 pm
N.Y. Giants at Washington1:00 pm
New Orleans at Tampa Bay1:00 pm
Miami at St. Louis1:00 pm
Atlanta at San Diego4:05 pm
Kansas City at Oakland4:15 pm
Pittsburgh at New England4:15 pm
Chicago at Minnesota8:15 pm

Monday, Dec. 01
Jacksonville at Houston8:30 pm

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Week 11 results

Good evening everybody. Hope this weeks results finds everybody well! I believe that our winner this week Patti is relaxing somewhere warm and tropical for a couple of weeks and possibly won't learn of her win until she returns. She had 12 wins and only 3 losses in Sunday's games. Jack is still holding onto his lead for most points for the year with Patti still just two points behind. With only 6 weeks left in the regular season nows the time to get serious.
Onto week 12. Thursday night game again this week, so don't forget to get those picks in by an hour before kick off! Have a good week and good luck!

Thursday, Nov. 20
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh8:15 pm

Sunday, Nov. 23
Tampa Bay at Detroit1:00 pm
Philadelphia at Baltimore1:00 pm
Houston at Cleveland1:00 pm
San Francisco at Dallas1:00 pm
N.Y. Jets at Tennessee1:00 pm
Minnesota at Jacksonville1:00 pm
Buffalo at Kansas City 1:00 pm
New England at Miami1:00 pm
Chicago at St. Louis1:00 pm
Oakland at Denver4:05 pm
Carolina at Atlanta4:15 pm
Washington at Seattle4:15 pm
N.Y. Giants at Arizona4:15 pm
Indianapolis at San Diego8:15 pm

Monday, Nov. 24

Green Bay at New Orleans