Monday, December 29, 2008

Week 17 and End of the Year results

Well, here it is folks, the culmination of 17 weeks worth of wins and losses, shattered dreams and playoff hopes. We had an eight way tie going into last nights late game for the win. Jack, Jimmy T, Mikey G, Chris D, Janni, Tom, Bob and Dave C all had 11 wins and only 4 losses. Everybody picked San Diego to win and remarkably predicted it was going to be a high scoring game because Dave C and Chris D shared the win with 60points. Congratulations guys!

Jack managed to retain his lead into last nights game and won the year with just one point over Mikey G. and Tom...better luck next year guys!
So that's it....Time to sell super bowl squares.
Sadly we won't be watching the Pats play any more this year. :-(
Lets hope marriage does good things for Tom's Brady's game!

Those of you with winnings coming let me know if you want squares and I'll deduct it from your win, otherwise I'll send out checks this week. Thanks for playing everyone, it was a great, fun year. Hope you'll all be back to play again in September!
Happy New Year!

~Lisa & Mikey~

P.S. If anybody thinks that a mistake was made with their scores or the tally sheet please bring it to our attention ASAP.

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